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Product Authenticity Verification

Authentic ZiiP product

ZLab ensures the quality and the originality of its products on the market, fighting the spread of imitations and falsifications with our adhesive security sticker.

From June 2019, an adhesive sticker square shaped, with a 16-bits code implemented to all ZiiP's authentic product.

ZiiP Pod ZLab authentic security sticker label

The 16-bits code used in these labels makes them very hard to reproduce, so that the customer can be sure to have an authentic ZiiP product.


Check your product's authenticity

Our authenticity verification can be done by inserting the visible code in the link below. This will be checked against our internal database, verifying if the product is indeed ZiiP's.

Product Authenticity Verification

The use of counterfeit products can be extremely dangerous, so in case of any doubt, or if the code on your product appears to be wrong, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can provide further assistance.